In honor of Madonna’s Sex book turning 22 today, The Huffington Post did this nice write-up of the parody book I released, with a brand new video of every image in the book:

Season 1 Finale of Bitch Please is up, where I talk about some of the things people do on their phones that annoy the fuck outta me. Thanks to all who have watched!

This week’s Bitch Please talks about all those shameless selfies and crappy pics clogging up your internet.

This week’s episode of Bitch Please is up, where I talk about the horrors you might run into on a nude beach:


Second episode of Bitch Please now on YouTube, where I talk about Binge Watching and Jon Hamm’s dick.

Just uploaded Luv Sessions Volume 1 to Mixcloud. Listen now!

Working on the mix for a new @undercoverbeats track we recorded yesterday.

View out the window in BK tonight. A nice welcome home.